Friday, June 13, 2008


Billboard Woman: I like being beautiful. I like to stay fit. That's why I like Avalon. With Avalon, I know I'm beautiful. And I'm going to stay that way.

Stylish beyond words, a look unique and a story line worthy of The Third Man, I saw Renaissance late at night while hanging out with my brother. Sin City comes to mind here but unlike SC, the real person characters (rotoscoped & chromo keyed) are truly composited into the flick whereas Bruce Willis and company (not rotoscoped but chromo keyed) play their parts in front (like dancers in front of a background). Both generes are extremely cool but Renaissance's visual cues are more integrated (Check out the transparencies generated by one shade of gray.). See the film, it will stun you with it's take on Sci Fi, society and the unsettling notion we are all under surveillance.

300 would make the cut but the dialog is really lame, thus compromising a wonderful synthesis of CG and live action.
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