Thursday, April 03, 2008

Event Horizon

"IMAGINE being able to peek inside a black hole and even perform experiments there. It may not be as far-fetched as it sounds, thanks to a team which claims to have simulated a black hole's event horizon in the lab."

This is how the experiment works

"They first shot a relatively slow-moving laser pulse through the fibre, and then sent a faster "probe wave" chasing after it. The first pulse distorts the optical properties of the fibre simply by travelling through it. This distortion forces the speedy probe wave to slow down dramatically when it catches up with the slower pulse and tries to move through it. In fact, the probe wave becomes trapped and can never overtake the pulse's leading edge, which effectively becomes a black hole event horizon, beyond which light cannot escape."

To read the paper giving full details on this outrageous work,
click here.

To learn more about event horizons and the anatomy of black holes in general, click on the graphic below.

To get info on a somewhat cheezy but interesting sci -fi horror flick of the same name, click on the image below. The Event Horizon spaceship is very cool gothic noir and yes, the movie is definitely a trip to the dark side of things.

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