Monday, December 24, 2007

Sexy Robot

1927 - Metropolis, the great Fritz Lang movie describing a dytopian future started it off by introducing the notion of sexy robots (Fembot) and the impact this tech could have on society. Erotic, powerful and elegiac, Metropolis is a film that stays with you forever.

1985 - Robert Abel Associates creates Brilliance, an ad promoting, of all things, canned food but with a twist. Sexy Robot, the first hottie in CG makes her debut with state-of-the art wizardry that predates the motion capture tech that made Gollum a hit in Lord of the Rings.

2007 - Phillips does an ad about shavers with SR 2 as protagonist.

2007 - Sexy Robot becomes reality, sort of. Check out her moves on YouTube by clicking on the graphic below.

Why the history? Because...

Love & Sex with Robots, a scholarly dissertation by David Levy, lays out a scenario that's more than plausible given that tech is accelerating at double exponential rates. "Levy argues that as machines advance, our consideration for them will grow inevitably more tender. Today, you watch your Roomba scurrying around your filthy floor, digging its nose into your grime, and you hardly pause to consider its soul; the robot vacuum is a slave, and you are its master.

But by pulling off the splendid computational trick of anticipating and fulfilling your every psychic and emotional need, machines will eventually capture your love -- and indeed could prove more deserving objects of our affection than the pets, children and spouses who currently fly about our lives. Someday people may even walk arm-in-arm down the aisle with descendants of today's robo-vacuums. In the same way they've conquered our factories, Levy says, robots will conquer our hearts."

Good start point for a sitcom if you ask me.
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