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Who do you trust?

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Apart from sleaziness, greed, lying and bullying, Sam Altman's an excellent CEO, right? Add to this is the fact Sam Altman Admits That OpenAI Doesn't Actually Understand How Its AI Works, a notion yours truly has been talking about for quite some time thanks to the rise of neural nets, the program driven analog construct needed to enable AI to react to the world in real time, something human coders cannot do in any way, shape or fashion.

Sam Altman Admits That OpenAI Doesn't Actually Understand How Its AI Works

OpenAI has raised tens of billions of dollars to develop AI technologies that are changing the world.

But there's one glaring problem: it's still struggling to understand how its tech actually works.

During last week's International Telecommunication Union AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva, Switzerland, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman was stumped after being asked how his company's large language models (LLM) really function under the hood.

"We certainly have not solved interpretability," he said, as quoted by the Observer, essentially saying the company has yet to figure out how to trace back their AI models' often bizarre and inaccurate output and the decisions it made to come to those answers.

When pushed during the event by The Atlantic CEO Nicholas Thompson, who asked if that shouldn't be an "argument to not keep releasing new, more powerful models," Altman was seemingly baffled, countering with a half-hearted reassurance that the AIs are "generally considered safe and robust."

As for being a legit CEO, well, that's open for discussion is it not?

More than six months after Sam Altman was fired, then rehired, one of OpenAI’s former board members is finally spilling the tea on what happened behind closed doors. Helen Toner, one of four people responsible for firing OpenAI’s CEO, says Altman’s incessant lying created a toxic culture that executives described as “psychological abuse.”

In her first long-form interview since Sam Altman’s firing, Toner tells The Ted AI Show that executives came to OpenAI’s board in October 2023 with serious allegations against the company’s CEO. According to Toner, two executives said they couldn’t trust Altman and showed the board screenshots of Altman’s manipulation and lying. These executives reportedly said they had no belief that Altman could or would change, and their testimonies pushed the Board to fire the CEO weeks later. This interview, released on Tuesday, comes after weeks of public backlash against OpenAI where the company’s truthfulness has been called into question by Scarlett Johansson and former employees.

Let's think about this. Apart from greed and duplicity on the part of Altman is the fact he hasn't a clue about how Open AI's code works, the dark secret every major developer of AI shares due to the fact of program driven hidden layers residing in neural nets enabling AI, as stated before, to react to the real world in realtime. 

Geoffrey Hinton, one of the "godfathers" of AI, is adamant that AI will surpass human intelligence — and worries that we aren't being safe enough about its development.

This isn't just his opinion, though it certainly carries weight on its own. In an interview with the BBC's Newsnight program, Hinton claimed that the idea of AI surpassing human intelligence as an inevitability is in fact the consensus of leaders in the field.

"Very few of the experts are in doubt about that," Hinton told the BBC. "Almost everybody I know who is an expert on AI believes that they will exceed human intelligence — it's just a question of when."

Hate to say it but yours truly has been talking about ASI for years, something somewhat comforting when people like Hinton, who will forget more than what this rube will ever know about AI, agrees with me regarding this most discomforting reality while our civilization moves further into the 21st century.

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