Saturday, October 09, 2021

Something's amiss ...

Between the train wreck known as Krysten Sinema and the corrupt coal baron Joe Manchin, the fate of Biden's initiative to save this country is in trouble. From climate change to inequality, America is splintering while politicians line their pockets from the real owners of the country with nary a regard for the country itself. To add insult to injury, constituents consistently vote against their self interests thanks, in part, to the news fed to them every day articulating fear and an us against them mentality, something seen in England when Boris and company persuaded the country to leave the European union due to sovereign and prejudice issues, which now negatively impacts Britain in ways boggling the mind.

Now, consider the fact the Dems are also in trouble thanks to the red states, under the auspices of conservative operatives, gaining the vote and gerrymandering districts at unprecedented levels while making sure the electoral college stays in place to give these states overiding  power to elect presidents who lost the popular vote while winning the electoral. (W & Trump anyone?) Something's amiss and frightening in the land of the brave and home of the free. The only bright side to this is the fact the US demographic is changing with a majority of the populace becoming more liberal and  diverse, conditions not favorable to the radical republican party of 2021.

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