Sunday, May 05, 2019

Quotidien ... Or on reaching 2800

[kɔtidjɛ̃  ]
Word forms: quotidien, quotidienne
1. (= journalier) daily
Il est parti faire sa promenade quotidienne. He’s gone for his daily walk.
2. (= banal) everyday
la vie quotidienne everyday life
masculine noun
1. (= journal) daily ⧫ daily paper
Le Monde est un quotidien. Le Monde is a daily paper.
les grands quotidiens the big dailies ⧫ the big national dailies

2. (= vie quotidienne) daily life ⧫ day-to-day existence
Son quotidien est différent du leur. His life is different from theirs.

An elegant French word describing the day to day, bespeaks of the mundane and the extraordinary,  entities ranging from, as seen by the definition above, a daily walk, to novels like Anniversaries, a masterpiece by Uwe Johnson spanning  a year, from August 20, 1967, to August 20, 1968, with a chapter for each day.

With this in mind, quotidien also indirectly describes the day to day acceleration of Climate Change, the one true existential event of our own making.

It gets "better" ...

The clock is ticking and time ... is running out.

Addendum: Click IPBES report to get the summary. The report itself will be out later this year.

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