Saturday, April 27, 2019

The tactile sense ...

Yours truly loves to read as you, my loyal readers already know. With the net, one can peruse material in ways beyond the kin of man just 20 years ago but with this new found power comes a price, the price of the tactile sense of picking up a book and reading it without the need of power save that of enough light to make it happen.

Seen below is a perfect example of why moving back to physical from digital makes perfect sense when viewing a modern rendition of the 12th century masterpiece The Conference of the Birds complete with elegant text & calligraphy, combined with exquisite paper to create a tactile experience of a different kind.

There is a cost to everything as dictated by the two laws of thermodynamics with the first being 24/7 access to the world's literature, courtesy the web, vs. the loss of tactile contained in the essence of reading a well worn physical book. Seen below is The Conference of the Birds 16th century style. :)

Any questions? :)

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