Thursday, January 10, 2019

Interstellar anyone? :)

Based on initial findings, all the black holes discovered thus far have varying degrees of spin because when a star rapidly collapses, it will never be a uniform process, so spin will always be part of the equation. With this being said, yours truly has always thought about the possibility of black holes being worm holes (entanglement) and that travel through them, if they are big enough and the spin is fast enough, is a viable hypothesis based on conjectures put forth by people far more qualified than this rube in all matters regarding physics, black holes, worm holes and the possibility of interstellar travel. :)

Interstellar comes to mind here without question as real science regarding black holes and the possibility of going through them is a prime reason why this film works IMHO.

No sound in space is another reason why this flick works. :)

Science never disappoints. :)

Addendum: Black holes do spin fast, really fast without question ...

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