Saturday, August 26, 2017

"Network" - Alive and Well in 2017

Network, the great 1976 satire on the devolution of the news, is alive and well in 2017 as it's all about the money Trump makes for mainline nooze by being blindingly incompetent, quoteworthy and outrageous, characteristics conducive to generating stratospheric ratings and advertising revenues that have reached all time highs to the news outlets in question while the country sinks into irrelevance and despair thanks to one who has a tin ear to the max regarding on how to govern a country as large and diverse as this one happens to be.

The craziest part of Donald Trump's 77-minute loon-a-thon in Phoenix earlier this week came when he rehashed his shtick about the networks turning off live coverage of his speech. Trump seemed to really believe they were shutting the cameras off because "the very dishonest media" was so terrified of his powerful words.

"They're turning those lights off so fast!" he said. "CNN doesn't want its failing viewership to see this!"

No news director would turn off the feed in the middle of a Trump-meltdown. This presidency has become the ultimate ratings bonanza. Trump couldn't do better numbers if he jumped off Mount Kilimanjaro carrying a Kardashian.

This was confirmed this week by yet another shruggingly honest TV executive – in this case Tony Maddox, head of CNN International. Maddox said CNN is doing business at "record levels." He hinted also that the monster ratings they're getting have taken the sting out of being accused of promoting fake news.

Prescient to a fault and ...
Remember: It's all about the money.

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