Friday, April 21, 2017

Help not needed here

BRT has written copiously about AI, the open ended tech that promises to change everything in ways that cannot be predicted, is now coming for your job whether you like it or not.

In reading this, consider what is going to happen to healthcare, the most inefficient system in America save for the Pentagon where 
  1. An office visit to a doc to deal with the flu costing $150 is replaced by purchasing a set of $2.00 labs on a chip, via Amazon, to be used at home, as needs warrant.
  2. Said chip, with connects to the web and Dr. Watson, delivers blood sample data to Watson for realtime analysis.
  3. Dr. Watson, after analyzing the sample, tells the patient what's wrong, prescribes, if necessary, the drug to deal with the condition in question and sets up a time for another visit as needs warrant. Price for said service, $1.00.
  4. “If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.” - Peter Drucker .
Yours truly knows a few GPs and they fear AI big time. The ortho guys, dentists or specialists dealing with serious illness like cancer, heart or diabetes, not so much though the push toward patient stem cell in situ organ regeneration is starting to encroach upon those areas as well.

Lawyers are also in the crosshairs as well as many other jobs that are, as per The Economist, routine in nature.

Tech, like research and money, never sleeps. - Robert E.

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