Friday, March 31, 2017


In a terrific article in the NY Times Magazine section titled Those Indecipherable Medical Bills? They’re One Reason Health Care Costs So Much, Elisabeth Rosenthal discusses the arcane science of medical bills and how they screw the American public in ways truly astounding via complexification or the art of making something more complex than it should be in order to maximise profit.

It gets better.

What is not stated is the fact billing, in effect, is forever separated from services rendered as the coding used in billing, as Rothenthal so eloquently describes is A. Completely different fromt the services provided by hospitals and doctors to the patient and B. Bills are always given out after said services are finished, thus insuring two realities.
  1. The complete medical history of each and every patient is never truly complete as billing is not organically connected to services rendered, something totally different from buying a car, which always comes with the all important invoice detailing the specifications of the car in question and ...
  2. The innate ability to obfuscate and complexify the bill to death, not only through the use of arcane codes to describe the bill in question but also to delay delivering said bill as this insures that the insurance company or hospital will have enough time to maximize profit by massaging the codes in their favor, something analogous to how investment banks massage credit default swaps and/or certificates of debt obligations in arcane ways to insure that unsuspecting investors never find out what kind of toxic crap may reside in these so called AAA rated investment packages of enormous complexity. Big Short anyone? Read the piece, you will learn a lot. Yours truly has. :)

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