Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

Memorial Day, in one instance, is yours truly's favorite holiday as it marks the beginning of summer, the favorite season of this old rube. In the other instance, Memorial Day is a paean to the dead who gave their lives, in many instances, for unworthy causes promoted by our so-called leaders of this once great nation. To this end, an extraordinary Guardian article commemorating this day is a must read to learn why no-cost war is but a dream foisted upon us by those who will never fight in one.

Jack Satan’s the greatest of gods
And Hell is the best of abodes.
’Tis reached through the Valley of Clods
By seventy beautiful roads.

Ambrose Bierce, from A Sole Survivor

I won't talk about the 2016 bloviators running for president who fantasize about this no cost option as none of these clowns has ever faced someone wanting to kill them, especially ones who rightfully consider us to be invaders and destroyers of the first kind, (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria) who state,  in self righteous manner, that, "we are exceptional and we're here to help you whether you like it or not." while spending 4 trillion dollars that garnered us nothing but lost and shattered lives of our young, the displacement of millions, the creation of ISIS and an immigration nightmare of historic proportions aimed at the heart of Europe. On top of this is the very real possibility of needless war with Russia, thanks to neocon ideology in concert with their intimate connection to the ever growing Military/Industrial/Congressional Complex system that Ike warned us about way back when. In conclusion, maybe these fools (Hillary and The Donald) might heed the wise advice of Ben Fountain before starting another adventure doomed to failure as the ones listed here.

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