Sunday, October 25, 2015

Passing Thru - To 1700

1700 posts is a pretty big deal to yours truly. As often stated, I am amazed and humbled that you, my loyal readers, have continued to read and comment on the "pearls of wisdom" imparted from me to you over the past few years. No time for pontification but rather, please check out this clip done by your videographer showing how creativity comes in all shapes, forms and sizes, beginning with two amazing places everyone should check out if one has the time. Seen below is the blurb describing what this video's all about.

A journey thru MASS Moca & The Clark with emphasis given to the environments housing the art. With Mass MoCA, it's the linking of factory buildings to create spaces perfect for modern art of all types, for The Clark, it's a minimalist addition of elegance and grace.

1701 coming up, to a computer near you. :)

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