Saturday, May 02, 2015

What is ... space?

Quanta Magazine, a new, online pub, delves into science in ways lay people like myself can understand. Well written, well researched and above all else, current, this looks like a keeper big time. Interactive, What is Space? is the topic of this post and the graphic seen above is but a small part of an amazing sequence showing how entanglement may give rise to space, something BRT has discussed in part but not in such a beautiful and elegant way like Quanta's

In 1915, Albert Einstein’s field equations of gravitation revolutionized our understanding of space, time and gravity. Better known as general relativity, Einstein’s theory defined gravity as curves in the geometry of space-time, overturning Isaac Newton’s classic theory and correctly predicting the existence of black holes and gravity’s ability to bend light. But a century later, the fundamental nature of space-time remains shrouded in mystery: Where does its structure come from? What do space-time and gravity look like in the subatomic quantum realm?

"And so it goes." - K Vonnegut

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