Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Stepping through the door

BRT has talked quite a bit about the woeful US foreign policy and the negative impact it has had on the Middle East regarding the destruction of nations, shock & awe and the rise of ISIS, thanks to the aforementioned fubar known as US foreign policy. Now, comes a breakthrough that can get us out of the quagmire we have created if the so called leaders of the US are willing to make it happen, something yours truly thinks will happen based on the following info. 

The Iranian framework agreement is an astonishingly good deal, and has the potential to become a historic game-changer. As Robert Parry astutely observed, its about much more than sheaving the threat that Iran will get the bomb:

The April 2 framework agreement with Iran represents more than just a diplomatic deal to prevent nuclear proliferation in the Middle East. It marks a crossroad that offers a possible path for the American Republic to regain its footing and turn away from endless war.

The saliency of that observation lies in the fact that there is virtually nothing in the substance of the deal for the War Party to attack. So what they are doing is desperately hurtling the Iranian axis-of-evil narrative at the agreement, claiming that the regime is so untrustworthy, diabolical and existentially dangerous that no product of mere diplomacy is valid. The Iranians are by axiom hell-bent on evil and no mere “scrap of paper” will stop them.

But therein dwells the game-changing opportunity. To defeat the deal, the War Party will have to defend its three-decade long campaign of exaggerations, distortions and bellicose animosity toward the Iranian state. But that is impossible because the axis-of-evil narrative was never remotely true. Indeed, if the truth be told the War Party has never been required to defend its spurious propaganda thanks in large part to a lazy, gullible mainstream press that has been as negligent on the Iranian evil meme as they were on Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction.

The zeitgeist awaits, do we have the wisdom to grasp it and change how things are done in the Middle East? Only time will tell.

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