Monday, March 30, 2015

On looking down :)

Does one every look down, down to see the sidewalk or road or whatever when walking through whatever, something yours truly does quite often, as seen by this pix taken in Alexandria Old Town, a haunt my wife and I take about every year or so. This blurb is not about the town but rather about quality and pride of craftsmanship, a notion all too rare in this age of ugly shopping malls, movies of little or no consequence and writing posted all over the web that's egregious at best, not to mention the unmentionable known as congress, where ignorance and slovenliness of thought reigns supreme.  In towns like Alexandria, pride of things well made, permeate the place, particularly in its sidewalks well over 150 - 250 years old, still looking right, still functioning, still interesting to look at in 2015. 

Climate and access to quality resources of appropriate material obviously plays a very large part on what can be built but still, seeing this kind of work underfoot is pretty cool, one must admit. So, as a reminder, look down once in a while. It won't hurt. :)

The hose reel knocks me out. :)

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