Wednesday, February 09, 2011

For $1.99...

Being totally non religious, I stand in awe of Confession, the $1.99 gem able to absolve one of his or her sins while on the go....

"A forbidden apple got Adam and Eve evicted from the Garden of Eden, but a new Apple app could lead sinful Catholics to repentance.

It's called, aptly enough, Confession: A Roman Catholic App.

And at $1.99, it offers Catholics with iPhones, iPads, and troubled consciences a cheap and easy way to get right with The Lord.

As an added bonus, it's got the blessing of the Vatican.

"This app invites Catholics to prayerfully prepare for and participate in the Rite of Penance," claims Little iApps, the Indianapolis-based developers of the app.

It lets the sinner pick a commandment - and then tick off his or her sins.

So say goodbye to those awkward silences in the confessional when the penitent rattles off the "Bless me father, for I have sinned" intro - and draws a blank.

The new app keeps a running tally of slip-ups so that no sin goes unforgiven.

It also keeps track of just how much time has elapsed since the penitent's last confession.

Because it's password protected, what's said in the confessional stays between the penitent and the priest.

The app also makes it easier for Catholics to do a "examination of conscience," which is when they privately review - usually at evening prayers - how they've lived up to their faith.

Taking account of the person's age and - for reasons unclear - occupation, the app then suggests a possible penance and comes with seven acts of contrition to choose from and recite.

The new app doesn't, however, doesn't replace the priest.

Only priests have the power to forgive sins here on earth, according to the Catholic faith."

I wonder what Martin Luther would have thought about this?

"One never knows, do one?" - Fat Waller

I also wonder if the Vatican gets a cut and last but not least, I continue to ask the age old question of why so-called houses of god are not taxed, especially in light of Confession, the ultimate way to get good with god for less then $2.00.

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