Thursday, July 24, 2008

Red Planet

There's a scene in the Sci Fi flick Red Planet that never ceases to amaze anyone who has seen the move. Val Kilmer takes out a portable computer and pulls out a flexible transparent display to align the device to prominent Martian landmarks to determine where they are. When unrolled, the screen immediately turns on to show our intrepid hero the way to go. When Kilmer's done using the system, the screen rolls back into the hardware and the explorers continue on their way. Until now, this kind of imaging magic has never been done in practical fashion. (BRT - Form Factor)

"The researchers have overcome a major obstacle in producing transistors from networks of carbon nanotubes, a technology that could make it possible to print
circuits on plastic sheets for applications including flexible displays and an electronic skin to cover an entire aircraft to monitor crack formation."

Addendum: Sony has done very cool flexible TV prototypes but practicality was not part of the equation.

Addendum 2: Click here to get more information on a tech that will change the form factor for all things digital.

Minority Report beckons.
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