Thursday, July 19, 2012

And So It Begins

Disruptive, the most potent of terms, can appropriately be assigned to Cousera, the online experiment that will change higher education forever. Seen above is Umesh Vazirani's intro to Quantum Mechanics & Quantum Computing, subjects dear to yours truly. The catch in all of this is 1. it's free and 2, it's for beginners like me to learn the intricacies of both without having to know a lot of math. Major universities are signing up as they are beginning to realize the cost of sending Harvey to Harvard for 70K/year is no longer tenable the long run, is becoming financially wasteful, as usefulness and competency in a given field is now starting to take precedence over getting a degree, particularly in tech, a discipline permeating every aspect of our lives 24/7. 

PS, I'm taking the course. Hopefully I'll pass but what the hell, the journey's the key, not the destination. :)
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