Thursday, February 11, 2016

LIGO Rules - Not bad for Article 1800 :)

LIGO did the deed. Gravational waves have been discovered, thus validating the last prediction of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity penned 100 years ago regarding the existence of Gravitons. The implications of this discovery are truly staggering as Gravitons, the no longer theoretical carriers of gravity, can now be integrated into a possible viable Theory Of Everything in ways not possible prior to the success of LIGOs persistent research into finding out that gravational waves do indeed exist and have so since the beginning of time.

How cool is that? :)

The mother of all mergers. :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

In 50 years...

The abyss beckons if man continues to plunder the planet in the pursuit of profit. Who says this, Forbes does, and with good reason.

It gets better.

But pushback is starting to happen not only in the corporate sector but also in the political and public as seen by the "wonderful" presidential campaign of 2016 whereby disgust with the status quo is shaking up the powers at be in ways not even imagined just 6 months ago thought the actions of Trump and Sanders. As for yours truly, it's gratifying Forbes is beginning to see the light. With luck, so will enough others to demand and effect real change before it's too late. 

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Of empathy & love

Intelligence and empathy, traits once considered to be only human, is simply not true as researchers have seen these wonderful traits in elephants, cetacians, primates, dogs and birds like crows and parrots, sensitive creatures social to the max, attuned to each other to a degree never thought possible until now. In an extraordinary NY Times article by Charles Siebert titled What Does a Parrot Know About PTSD? we discover through his experience, that there is something truly special about parrots and their unique ability to connect with us at deep level. Note: It's just a partial list of life forms possessing intelligence to be sure.

Read this piece in it's entirety, it may move you to tears. It did me, without question.

Of moonlight & wonder

As my faithful readers know, yours truly loves full moons as the light luna reflects from the sun to earth is pretty special. When seen from space. as shown by this gem from the ISS, wonderment grows to astonishment as nature never disappoints. :)

Up to here ...

The Big Short, awesome both as book and flick, points out in spades that a revolution is nigh. With luck, it will be a peaceful one as people are up to here with the status quo where wall street, corrupt politicians and the military industrial complex rule while the middle class continues to get hosed in more ways than one can count. This populist revulsion of the status quo covers the entire political spectrum whether it be Tea Partiers railing about immigration or the relentless incursion of government in all aspects of our lives or the left taking about the obscenity of US healthcare and the education ripoff, topics bandied about by the totally unforeseen successful disruptors of politics Trump and Sanders.

And it's about time.

Read the book and, in the movie, check out the gal at the black jack table telling, in a few sentences, why wall street makes Vegas look like a shrine because it least in Vegas, you're betting on something that's real. Priceless says it all. :)

A 1000 Ways to Die :)

The TV show, A 1000 Ways to Die, was a paean to the Darwin Awards whereby really stupid people offed themselves in ways truly staggering in stupidity but this post isn't about Darwin, unfortunately, :) but rather in the perception of how we die versis the stats compiled by the CDC and other such entities eminently qualified to talk about such things. 

Check out the article, interesting without question says it all. :)

Had to put in the logo. Awesome without question. :)

Monday, February 08, 2016

With a clear eye ...

Ray McGovern is a treasure. A former CIA agent, devout Catholic and above all else, a really smart guy with integrity, looks at geopolitics from a sense of history and how that history, in conjunction with the inherent vagaries of reality, impacts the actions of the most powerful nations in the world.

They had an oral literature. “Slovo o Polku Igoreve” [“The Song of Igor’s Campaign”] was one of their major epic poems. It rivals “The Odyssey” and “The Iliad.” It’s a really beautiful thing, except they had no way to set it down in writing. And so two Greek priests, Cyril and Methodius, go up in the 9th century, and they say, “These people are incredibly bright and prosperous. They’re prosperous—and this is kind of a mind leap for most people—because the Norse, from Norway and Sweden, traded with the East all the way to Istanbul by coming through the series of rivers of which the Dnieper [which flows through Russia and empties into the Black Sea] was one. A great deal of so-called civilization and some wealth had accrued there. So they go up there and they say, “Well, that sounds like kai. Let’s make that sound a kai (or “k”). That sounds like the Latin V. That one sounds like Hebrew. That one doesn’t sound like anything, so let’s manufacture a character for that.” And they put the [written] language together. This we call “Cyrillic,” of course.

Read the Salon post, you will learn a great deal on why so much has gone wrong with intel, the CIA and the erosion of our bill of rights.

Ray McGovern

Saturday, February 06, 2016


Winter, the minimalist season where nuances of color rule, hence the name Gradients. Enjoy. :)

Walking on the Moon :)

Love factoids like this. New info is always good for the soul. :)

Had to put in the Police classic for added spice.

Friday, February 05, 2016

An Incovenient Truth

Every time yours truly hears the Repugs stating, with great passion, that America was founded as a christian nation, the question that always arises is, Have you read any history about the Founding Father's beliefs as they were products of the Age of Reason aka the Clockwork Universe, something that always seems to conveniently escape the Ted Cruz's of the world when bloviating 24/7 about jc and his esteemed role in the creation of a country called America.

To learn more about the FFs. click here to see why this country was exceptionally lucky to have the kind of people involved in the creation of a somewhat imperfect government construct based on the sound premise that separation of church & state was essential if a country was to succeed as a viable entity on planet earth, a notion being violated 24/7 by not only the Repugs but also the supremes with Hobby Lobby and Greece NY.

A Different Order of Magnitude

The sheer power and size of our part of the multiverse staggers the imagination, particularly when viewing a supermassive black hole doing its thing in a galaxy far far away. 

To give one the sheer enormity of this event, consider that one light year equals roughly 6 trillion miles. (365 X 186,000 miles/sec) Gives one pause doesn't it.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Prosecution 2 Step

Far too many times has BRT railed against the less than useless Eric Holder and the minions at Justice regarding the total failure of throwing the Bankters in jail for stealing our money. First it was Too Big to Fail and second, "the banks are too powerful for us to prosecute" as the two "essential" excuses used to not pull the trigger on prosecuting these bastards to the full extent of the law. Well, William K. Black of the S&L Scandal fame, has come up with the Idiots Guide to Prosecuting Corporate Frauds, a suggestion whose time has come if we get a president like Bernie who has the guts to do a long overdue deed of putting these sleazoids behind bars for financial malfeasance that goes above and beyond the call of duty. :)

It gets better.

Black says the Top 100 list led to prosecuting 300 savings and loans and 600 officials. “And despite the banks having the best lawyers in the world, we still got a 90 percent conviction rate.”

Sounds like a plan to me.

William K. Black

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Flat Earthers

Seems a rapper by the name of B.o.B. ascribes to the same notion. :)
Neil deGrasse Tyson's response to the esteemed B.o.B is priceless.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Day for Night Test III

Informal to the max, this is a hand-held test of the A7S II under a full moon using various lenses and ISO from 1600 - 16000, all clips shot @ 1/30sec, something unheard of just one year ago. Day for night is nigh with deep tech like that of the A 7S II. Enjoy

To be human